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An inspirational art community to learn, grow and share your creative journey.

Your Gateway to Live Art Demos, In-Depth Workshops, and a Vibrant Community — On Your Schedule, At Your Pace.

  • Personalized Feedback: Help improving your art
  • Friendship: A supportive network of fellow artists
  • Skill Growth: Noticeable improvement in your art

Why You Should Join

Online painters frequently face impersonal platforms, strict schedules, limited resources, and feelings of isolation.

Online learners frequently lack personalized feedback, feel isolated, and grapple with rigid schedules. Some courses don't provide ample resources, prompting extensive online searches. This digital environment often misses the community feel of in-person classes.

Art Journey offers tailored growth through weekly live demos and consistent feedback. Learn at your pace with flexible recorded sessions and dive into a vast library of past content. Join our vibrant community, where diverse artists inspire, support, and collaborate, making your artistic journey not just educational, but also friendly and engaging. Dive in with us!


"I am an experienced artist looking to take my creative skills to the next level. The Art Journey provides excellent content and guidance but I find the greatest value in the weekly feedback group. I highly recommend it." – Dale C.   ★★★★★

"I cannot say enough of how helpful Art Journey has been for me as an artist. It is challenging and full of important information for my own career, pushing me a step further as an artist. I have been really looking for that opportunity to grow a deeper understanding of landscape and all the elements of art that would help me become more proficient as an artist." – Carol B.   ★★★★★

"My skill level in painting has noticeably increased with Art Journey. The weekly paint-alongs, lessons and feedback have accelerated my confidence and learning. Tim is a skilled and positive instructor." – Karen G.   ★★★★★

If you've been waiting to begin, resume, or fast-track your artistic journey, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. Take a significant step toward your 2024 goals by joining a community and school that's dedicated to artistic growth.